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Trail Committee Discusses Budget

With a new budget for 2015, Syracuse-Wawasee Trail Committee met Monday night to wrap up some business and prepare for 2015.

For the first time since the committee’s inception, executive director Megan McClellan submitted a budget. McClellan discussed the budget with committee members. The budget is for known expenses, she told the board.

The budget includes money for signage. She has budgeted $10,000 for signage for both on-road and on-trail signs. For 18 on-road, “share the road” signs the cost is $109.63 each. For four “narrow bridge, share the road signs” the cost is $109.63 each. Finally, optional signs are $109.47 each for 20 signs. They are expensive but needed, said McClellan. She also budgeted for on-trail signs, too. For Syracuse Lake’s portion of the trail called “loop the lake” the cost is only $87 each. “They are much cheaper,” she said. “The more signage the more notice.”

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