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Trails are a way to help kids be fit and have fun. Many organizations and agencies, including Syracuse-WawaseeTrails, are working to combat increasing childhood obesity. For more information on kids and trails please see the following links:


Check out and use it to capture your child’s trips to school and compute the impact each trip has on CO2, gas, dollars, and calories. Register at one of the links below.

Syracuse Elementary Portal

Wawasee High School Portal

National Center for Safe Routes to School

INDOT: Indiana Safe Routes to School Program

Health by Design: Indiana Safe Routes to School Partnership

Guiding principles for Safe Routes to School Programs


Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety for All Ages

The Ultimate Bike Safety Guide

Report Links Decline in Bicycling and Walking to Nation’s Obesity Epidemic

Trails: an antidote for “Nature Deficit Disorder”

The Walking School Bus: Combining Safety, Fun and the Walk to School

Task Force on Childhood Obesity addresses the “built environment”

“Let’s Move Outside” Using Urban Parks and Trails