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Feasibility Study

These pages and the pages linked to this section have derived from an extensive amount of research we have done for future expansion options and the requirements and resources needed to provide the community with a larger, expanded trail system. We hope our Feasibility Study pages and the map below will provide you with useful information. Please use the links below to open the report.

Document Appendix

2021 Trail Feasibilty Study

Also, included is a map that outlines more than 12 miles of future trail development which doubles our current trail system!
Please take a moment and review. The western portion is in yellow and will provide connectivity to the new athletic fields on Kern Road. The central section that will extend where Conklin Bay ends and continue south to the middle school and around Lake Wawasee to the public boat launch is in Purple. Lastly, the east side of the lake is in Pink, and it will eventually connect to Eli Lilly Drive.
The report breaks down each of the color sections into smaller sections to provide flexibility in evaluation. Each section can be implemented individually or combined depending on funding. A copy of the feasibility study report will be on our website in the near future. Copies will also be located at the Trails Office, Syracuse Library and Community Center.
If you have any question regarding the feasibility study, please contact Erlene Yentes at or at 574-675-6433.