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Whats Next?

Our next construction project was announced at our second annual “Life is better on the trail” fundraiser on Sept. 1, 2022. The Syracuse-Wawasee Trail Committee decided to expand the trail where Conklin Bay ends and extend it to Wawasee Middle School, the name of the new trail section being “Wawasee South.” Deciding the next construction project was a tough decision for the committee.
We have not forgotten about the lake area and conversations with the county highway department are being held. Such things as additional striping along the roadways are being considered.
The committee felt it made sense to continue to Wawasee Middle School since it is the only school not connected to our current trail system. The Wawasee South Trail will parallel SR 13 between Grandview Drive and CR 1000 N. This will extend our Conklin Bay Trail, providing an additional 2.2 miles and eventually connection to the town of North Webster.
Below is a Wawasee Brochure more information regarding our Wawasee South Project. Check it out!