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Syracuse Lake Trail Progress

Eastshore Trail

Trail sections across nine more properties on East Shore Drive of Syracuse Lake have been added this Fall.  The end goal of a completed trail loop encompassing Syracuse Lake, the town of Syracuse and the Pickwick Road-Mud Lake area is within sight.  The Eastshore and Northshore sections of this loop have been especially challenging.  The Syracuse-Wawasee Trail Committee has diligently worked hand-in-hand with the Kosciusko County Highway Superintendent and their engineers to build trails that will be safe, while at the same time respecting drainage and utility issues of involved property owners.

The eventual completion of the Eastshore and Northshore sections of this loop will allow the Trail Committee to direct their time and resources toward the next big Trails project: the building of trail along State Road 13, which will link Syracuse-Wawasee-Trails to residents and adjacent property owners on the south and east sides of Lake Wawasee.