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Erb Family Cleanup

The Mail Journal – June 8, 2011 – by Martha Stoelting – “Cruzin Cuse”

KATHY ERB, her Dad and daughters were out cleaning part of the Syracuse-Wawasee Trails last Saturday. She noted, “We ended up with two bags full of trash. It was unbelievable the things we picked up like a pair of jeans, lighters, many empty bottles of booze and pop, fast food snacks, etc. The girls saw two snakes. It opened the girls’ eyes about littering. Now they want to go at least once a week to make sure there’s no trash in ‘their’ area.”

She continued, “The girls talked about how good they felt about doing something good for the community. Also right when we were done, a nice elderly lady drove by us, slowed down and said thank you. That made our day. In the picture from left to right are my daughter Amber Miller, North Webster; my dad Fred Weisser, Syracuse; and my daughter Ashley Miller, North Webster.” Here’s another trail section that’s been adopted. To adopt your own section, call Spike Ford, (260) 856-2701. Thanks to all who are helping out with the trails.