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Conklin Bay Trail Section Update

The Syracuse Wawasee Trail has received many improvements and trail section additions over the past few years. We have highlighted some of these areas and have given you a few updates. Currently, we are making a major addition and improvements to the Trail along the Conklin Bay area of Lake Wawasee. Construction of the Conklin Bay Trail began on October 13,2019 and will be completed in the spring of 2020. The trail will consist of 1/3 mile of boardwalk over the Rolland Wetland Conservation Area and continue south with a concrete sidewalk of 2/3 of a mile along the WACF nature preserve and ending at North Grandview Drive. It will feature three overlooks and a boardwalk observatory which transverses through a cattail-wetland marsh area. Nature enthusiasts will be able to observe and enjoy nature and waterfowl, all within a natural lake ecosystem. The boardwalk has been constructed in sections off site and brought to staging areas where it will be installed with minimal impact to the wetlands. Completion of this trail segment runs along SR13 will allow the south half of Lake Wawasee residents to enjoy the trails. Construction continues during the winter with minimal impact helical piles being drilled into marsh area soils, which support galvanized steel frames holding the composite.